Traveling By Air

-Try to avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer. Traveling in extreme hot or cold weather may be dangerous if your dog must wait very long before loading and unloading. Plan a trip with as few stops and transfers as possible.

-Make hotel, resort and airline reservations for your dog well in advance. Some airlines have limited space for transporting pets.

-Some airlines allow small dogs to travel with their owner (generally for an additional charge) if the carrier fits under the passenger seat. Otherwise, rent or purchase a carrier or crate which meets airline regulations and affix a LIVE ANIMAL sticker. Mark it with your name and address and the name of a person who can be contacted about your dog at your destination if necessary.

-Put a cushion or blanket on the crate floor. Attach a water cup to the crate door. The cup should be deep, but not too full of water to avoid spilling.

-On the day of the flight, take your dog for a long walk before leaving for the airport.

-At the end of the trip, pick up your dog promptly.

Certain countries and island destinations require a quarantine period for animals at the owner's expense. Ask your travel agent or the consul of the country you plan to visit about quarantines.